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amplifying voices — Indigenous Climate Action
Amplifying voices has become a critical component of the work of ICA to elevate the leadership of Indigenous Peoples in climate justice. We are continuing to build out, support and create platforms for Indigenous knowledge holders, Elders, youth and frontline land and water protectors
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Quebec Cree, Algonquin say moose populations need more protection | CBC News
Some Indigenous hunting groups in Quebec say more needs to be done to protect moose populations in the province.
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Mother Earth and Resource Extraction (MERE Hub) - KAIROS Canada
Mother Earth and Resource Extraction stands with women human rights defenders and recognizes both their achievements and the challenges they face in the protection of land and water. Along these lines, the hub is a component of a community-based research project...
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Parole autochtone 146 : Contrer les changements climatiques | ICI
Cette semaine à Parole autochtone, Melissa répond à Sacha, qui se demande ce que peuvent faire les peuples autochtones contre les changements climatiques.
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This Indigenous teen is a chief water commissioner | CBC News
An Indigenous teen from northeastern Ontario is taking over her great aunt’s role as an advocate for water protection of the Great Lakes.
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