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Intercollegiate Decolonizing Network (IDN) - Home
This will take you to the general home board of the IDN, which has information on:
  • Indigenous 101;
  • Indigenous media;
  • Decolonizing Education;
  • Information about the IDN;
  • Local events and issues;
  • Indigenous organizations;
  • Indigenous public figures.
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Important notes: Not all the resources here meet the criteria for "academic research" that is usually sought in academic institutions. However, the process of decolonizing and Indigenizing education includes the positioning of Indigenous knowledges on an equal footing with academic knowledge. Further, it is important to remember that any text is situated within a specific circumstance and reflects the experiences of the authors. The written word often lends itself to having knowledge appear to be set in stone and applicable across all circumstances, in ways that may not be intended by the authors.
The thematic boards featured below provide links that are cross-disciplinary in nature. To see suggestions for which boards may be useful for specific Cégep-level subjects, please see the tabs in the menu above or simply explore the various boards that may touch on material relevant to your classes. NOTE: Each topical board has a link back to the main board of the Intercollegiate Decolonization Network AND a link back to this Topic Areas home board.
IDN Topics: Worldviews and Knowledges
Explore sources about Indigenous worldviews, knowledges, and philosophies. Contents include:
  • Indigenous ways of knowing;
  • Indigenous philosophies;
  • Relationship to the land;
  • Health, healing, and justice
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IDN: Indigenous Cultures & Histories

Explore this board for Indigenous-produced materials on First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and urban Indigenous cultures and histories.
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Current Issues
This board covers a wide array of current topics ranging from Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit People, Indigenous children and foster care, Indigenous peoples and the justice system, governances and policy, and more.
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IDN: History of Colonization
This board contains materials about the history of colonization, from Indigenous perspectives. It is important to keep in mind that this colonization is ongoing.
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IDN: Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
IDN: Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
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IDN: Resistance, Decolonization, & Indigenization, & Reconciliation
Explore this board to learn about Indigenous resistance movements, past and present, and to read about concepts such as decolonization, Indigenization, and reconciliation.
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Mini-Lesson for Sovereign Soil - NFB Blog
This mini-lesson is based on an exploration of the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning, Stewardship of Place, and Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Possibilities.
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