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Minecraft Indigenous World |Microsoft Education
Explore Canadian Indigenous Culture and History through Minecraft: Education Edition.
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Graphic novel aims to educate K-12 learners on residential school history
Despite growing up in North Vancouver down the road from the former St. Paul’s (Squamish) Indian Residential (1899-1958), Sean Carleton says he learned little about Indigenous Peoples, settler colon
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Quebec Cree hip-hop duo make video about youth struggles | CBC News
The group The NorthStars hope its video will trigger some important conversations about mental health.
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Short doc to investigate tale of 2 Mohawk boys who faked their deaths to avoid residential school | CBC News
There's a story passed down in a Kahnawake Mohawk family that one summer in the 1930s, two teenage boys faked their deaths by jumping off the railway bridge that connects the community to LaSalle, Que. Kaniehtiio Horn and Roxann Whitebean are making a short documentary about the tale.
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Canadian Press style now capitalizes Aboriginal and Indigenous - JSource
But you no longer have to capitalize internet, which was dropped on July 3.Read More Continue Reading Canadian Press style now capitalizes Aboriginal and Indigenous
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A Copy Editor’s Education in Indigenous Style | The Tyee
Journalists’ word choices are shaped by colonialism. Here’s how The Tyee is changing that.
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Native American and Alaska Native Media | Vision Maker Media
Vision Maker Media is the premiere source of media by and about Native Americans. We promote diversity through empowering and engaging Native filmmakers.
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50 years of Indigenous cinema: The impact of Alanis Obomsawin | CBC Radio
She is an icon in filmmaking and one of the most acclaimed Indigenous directors in the world. Legendary Abenaki filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin discusses growing up, smuggling her film reels out of barricades, and her inspirations over five decades of filmmaking.
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The rise of Indigenous horror: How a fiction genre is confronting a monstrous reality | CBC Arts
Indigenous writers know what it's like to live in a world where the horror never stops — so imagining an alternate timeline where it does end can be a comforting escape.
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