IDN: Indigenous 101 / The Basics
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IDN - Topic Areas Home Page
This will take you back to the Topic Areas home board with cross-disciplinary materials on:
  • Indigenous 101;
  • Indigenous Worldviews and Knowledges;
  • Indigenous Cultures and Histories;
  • History of Colonization;
  • Current Issues;
  • Resistance, Decolonization, Indigenization, and Reconciliation
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Intercollegiate Decolonizing Network (IDN) - Home
This will take you to the general home board of the IDN, which has information on:
  • Indigenous 101;
  • Indigenous media;
  • Decolonizing Education;
  • Information about the IDN;
  • Local events and issues;
  • Indigenous organizations;
  • Indigenous public figures.
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A Copy Editor’s Education in Indigenous Style | The Tyee
Journalists’ word choices are shaped by colonialism. Here’s how The Tyee is changing that.
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I Am Indigenous
From across this land, the people you are about to meet see a brighter future for all Canadians. Their personal journeys and stories are different, but are all connected by heritage and pride. As Canada marks a historical occasion, their roots and culture go well beyond 150 years. For them, this is a time to look back, and to also look forward. They are trailblazers, innovators, leaders and deeply proud to be Indigenous.
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I'm Not the Indian You Had in Mind
A poem about stereotypes, identities, and Indigenous realities by Thomas King is acted out by Thomas King, Tara Beagan, & Lorne Cardinal. A powerful statement.

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