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The Intercollegiate Decolonizating Network (IDN) is composed of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Cégep personnel from English-language Cégeps in the Tio’tia:ke (Montreal) area, Indigenous students, and Indigenous partners from local organizations and communities. As most of the institutions where we work are signatories of the CICan Indigenous, Education Protocol (IEP), we use the IEP as one of our primary guidelines for our collective work and for our work within our individual institutions. Therefore, we work to Indigenize our institutions at various levels, from governance structures to hiring and retention to pedagogies and curricula. While many of the issues that come up in the process of Indigenizing are shared with our colleagues working in community colleges across the country, the nature of Cégep system provides both unique opportunities for, and challenges to, Indigenizing.
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I D N Intercollegiate Decolonization Network

Walking side by side, IDN aims to create a transformative college education that embraces Indigenous voices, knowledges and values for the well-being of all.

Founded in 2017 as a grassroots group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, faculty, staff and professionals working at the anglophone colleges, IDN is committed to the following:
  1. Fostering the Kanien’kéha value of a good mind—ka’nikonhrí:io—towards decolonization
  2. Encouraging cross-college, cross-sector collaboration on decolonization initiatives
  3. Being accountable to Indigenous communities by ensuring that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s “Calls to Action,” Colleges & Institutes of Canada’s “Indigenous Education Protocol,” the “Calls to Justice” of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and the recommendations of the Commission Viens are implemented at our colleges
  4. Actively supporting and encouraging Indigenous self-determination within the college system and beyond
  5. Honouring the self-empowerment and well-being of our Indigenous students
  6. Creating space for Indigenous peoples in the college system through hiring, student admission policies, cultural visibility, services for Indigenous students, course content and Indigenous pedagogies
  7. Supporting everyone in the CEGEP system as they learn and unlearn their way towards a deeper respect for Indigenous knowledges, values and peoples
  8. Ensuring that non-Indigenous students and college communities learn and take concrete steps towards meaningful reconciliation
  9. Identifying problems that cannot be addressed at the local college level and advocating for their solution with decision-makers
  10. Staying informed about decolonization theory and practice and sharing it with colleges in our network

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Posted by jacky
Decolonizing the classroom at John Abbott College
Seven John Abbott College teachers spent the last year compiling resources, creating guild lines and planning workshops that will help other teachers take steps to view curriculum through an indigenous lens.
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Indigenous Education Protocol for Colleges and Institutes | Colleges and Institutes Canada
In order to reaffirm the importance of Indigenous education, Colleges and Institutes Canada, in consultation with its members and partners in indigenous communities has developed an Indigenous Education Protocol. This important document underscores the importance of structures and approaches required to address Indigenous peoples’ learning needs and support self-determination and socio-economic development of Indigenous communities.
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Décoloniser les cégeps pour s'ouvrir à la grandeur des premières cultures d'Amérique
Depuis une dizaine d’années, des cégeps du réseau collégial québécois ont entrepris d’offrir une place à l’histoire, aux cultures et à la pédagogie autochtones, encore largement méconnues au Québec. Ces établissements ont choisi de mieux servir les étudiants autochtones et de valoriser les cultures des Premières Nations au sein des salles de classe, des programmes scolaires, dans l’organisation des études, au niveau des règles administratives ou encore dans le cadre d’activités culturelles et sociales.
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Des profs de cégeps veulent décoloniser l'enseignement
Et si on décolonisait les salles de classe? Dans les dernières années, de plus en plus d'initiatives émergent dans les cégeps pour enseigner la matière différemment, en incluant davantage des perspectives et des pédagogies autochtones.
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