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Honouring Kinship : La Galerie d’art Stewart Hall – La Biennale d’art contemporain autochtone
Starting April 23, 2020 Virtual ceremony on Zoom, Livestreamed to Facebook and Youtube : April 23, 5 – 8 p.m. Contemporary Native Art Biennial (BACA), 5th edition Kahwatsiretátie : Teionkwariwaienna Tekariwaiennawahkòntie Honoring kinship Curated by David Garneau (Métis), with the assistance of rudi aker (Wolastoqiyik) and Faye Mullen (Anishinaabe)
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Rebecca Thomas - 1490 Who (Full Keynote)
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Cultural Mindfulness
Cultural Mindfulness: Everyone Has a Story. The first step toward understanding other people is learning about their past. George Couchie takes us through some of his Indigenous culture and history, educating us about the impacts of residential schools. Inspiring youth Angel Armstrong, Mckenzie Ottereyes Eagle, and Miigwan Buswa share their connection to the past and show us how they are stopping those negative cycles by embracing culture.
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Relearning The Star Stories Of Indigenous Peoples
How the lost constellations of Indigenous North Americans can connect culture, science, and inspire the next generation of Indigenous scientists.
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